Catch Salespersons Doing Things Right

In Sales Management, the Manager has two options

  • Catch his salespersons doing things wrong and penalise them
  • Catch people doing things right and reward them

I strongly advocate that all Sales Managers should follow the technique of “Catch Salespersons Doing Things Right”. Why ?

  1. Your outlook as Sales Manager becomes positive.
  2. It is always a bigger challenge to catch people doing things right in comparison to catching people doing things wrong.
  3. People doing things wrong understand better when “doing things right” is rewarded.
  4. When you ignore those who are “doing things wrong” the ones who are not willing defaulters tend to Learn and improve.
  5. The percentile of salespersons “doing things right” is always less. Hence less energy of Sales Manager is invested to get better results

I am reminded here of a book called “Whale Done” written by Ken Blanchard. This is a book about a trainer who trained whales in Thailand for a zoo. He used to give the whales who performed his tricks correctly lot of fresh fishes to eat. The ones who ignored or failed to perform his tricks, he used to quitely deny them the right to eat the fresh fishes. Some of those whales who failed went back to complete the task and happily enjoy the fresh fish which the trainer used to feed them with at the end of completion of the task.

It is important to note here that the fishes were fed as soon as the whales performed the tricks rightly!

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