Cannot delegate Responsibility in Sales

When it comes to taking responsibility, the top leadership of a sales team hardly ever take responsibility for the Team

  1. Selects the sales person and sales managers after judiciously screening them
  2. The leadership team trains the newly inducted sales team with all the competency at their command
  3. The leadership team decides the sales pitch , sales kit , beat maps and route maps that the salesperson is supposed to embrace.
  4. The leadership team decides the sales strategy after carefully studying the market competition and sales analytic.
  5. The product / service offering of the company ( 6P’s of Marketing inclusive) is designed by the top leadership team.
  6. The leadership team decides on the incentive scheme for the sales team members and other stake holders.


After being a part of all the above 6 steps, if the sales is still poor the sales leadership team still end up in blaming the sales team. They hardly ever take responsibility of the same.

It is imperative that responsibility for sales result must be taken by top leadership. Responsibility can never be delegated. If you can , you must delegate some authority.

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