A to Z of Salesperson

This blog is a quest to document 26 good qualities of a Salesperson into the series titled  “A – Z of a salesperson”. These 26 qualities are not tabulated below in any order of preference. Any salesperson can use this list to do a self rating.  15 and above is a good score for the salesperson.

Awesome Profession

The profession is awesome because there is no other profession which can give you the quantum of

  • Name
  • Fame
  • Money

in such a short time.

Brave souls

Salespersons are brave because the master the art of climbing a wall of challenge, every time the reach one. Persistence of purpose and persuasion beyond rejection is what makes salespersons very brave.

Challenge Self

Salespersons never compete with any other salesperson. They always compete with self because each one have their own targets based on their experience, competency and exposure to market.

Drive Business

Salespersons drive business results with breakthrough performance by following the above circle of  Sales activities, Sales metrics, Engaging scorecard, Results coaching, Quarterly action plans and  Weekly Check ins.

Everyday practice

The power of professional salespersons always comes from the fact that everyday they must meet “n” no of new contacts. This the building block of all successful salespersons.

If the everyday rule is not followed religiously , the required run rate of calls keep on growing up.

Funnel management

The successful salesperson knows the importance of managing the sales funnel and has the details of the same on his fingertips always.

Growth Profit

The Return on Sales (ROS) is a yardstick by which the successful salesperson is always measured.

Honesty of purpose

The journey from soul to sale must be laced with honesty to ensure that the karmas of sales for the salesperson remain positive.

Install concept behind the product

The difference between “explaining” and “installing” is well understood  by a professional salesperson.  Installing always ensures that the idea is nailed into the mindset of the customer. The idea that we are talking about here is the concept behind the product and not the product itself.

Josh and Energy

The salespersons energy must be backed by motion to translate the same into sales emotion.

Kill Competition

Killing competition by becoming almost omnipresent in the market is a very important habit of a professional salesperson. This runs on the famous adage that “jo dikhta hai , who bikta hai!”


Leadership quality in salespersons is almost an essential ingredient to be into sales. The inspiration to think fresh by involving customers to achieve the internally set targets in sales is what drives sales leadership.

Minimum no of calls per day

The Min no of calls / day (MNOC/day) is a very strong norm of the salesperson which ensures the minimum level of business development activity that must happen on a daily basis.

No into Yes


Salespersons very well understand the fact that customers do not always mean a “no’ when they say “no”.  In fact , they mean a “No” only in 13% of cases.

Observant salesperson


The good salesperson must be observant about the following metrics

  1. No of leads generated
  2. No of MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and SQL (Sales Qualified Lead)
  3. Translation of SQL into final orders
  4. Contribution analysis on final orders


Creating an efficient sales pipeline that allows you to both analyze who’s moving through your pipeline and what it looks like, as well as finding the best way for you to get those prospects moving through it in a way that makes sense to you and your process. A sales pipeline is systematic approach to understanding your sales process and where the ‘money’ currently is.


Think of it as the journey your clients or customers take from becoming a prospect to following through on the sale with you. Some representations may show the pipeline as a funnel, others depict it as a forward moving, linear chart, but there’s no right or wrong here, it’s whatever makes the most sense to you and your business. So how can you activate your sales pipeline and start converting more prospects? We’ll walk you through that, and go over the best metrics for you to track to become more efficient.

Questioning skills

Questioning is the only method to understand the mindset of the prospect. It is therefore important to ask relevant questions even if the right answer is known by the salesperson.

Rewards & Recognitions

Salespersons are hungry for Rewards and Recognitions and it is imperative for all sales management to ensure that every small achievement of salespersons is recognized and rewarded suitably.


The strategic mindset of salesperson must follow the “From – To” analysis approach. They must keep their ear closed to the ground and gain enough market intelligence to be able to prepare the right market strategy.


Sales targets must be taken separately for the sales journey as well as the sales destination. A separate target for reference selling , cross selling and up selling must be taken in addition to the basic sales targets.

Understand role and responsibility


The victory of the salesperson is all about the customer winning and occupying the podium for a good decision taken.


The salesperson wins when the customer is happy with the service to the point of satisfaction and supports the salesperson with positive reviews, testimonials, feedback and shares the superior customer experience with the general market leading to superior customer relationship management.

X-tra Service

The Salesperson has a KRA of moving the extra mile with the customer to give that extra service which the customer cannot demand as per terms and conditions of sale but desires to enjoy.

Yearly closings

The Annual Report of the salesperson must focus on the following areas:

  • Salesperson’s performance
  • Product category performance
  • Market segment performance
  • Geographical market performance
  • Industry vertical performance
  • Go-To-Market planning for upcoming year
  • Return on Investment
  • Contribution Analysis of each product category


The ability of a salesperson to become “Zero” every day morning and “Hero” everyday evening is the greatest quality of a professional salesperson. The need to become a “zero” everyday in the morning irrespective of past laurels is what makes a great salesperson.




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