A Salespersons Desire

I represent the community of salespersons on earth who has always practiced its profession with utmost sincerity of purpose and zeal of performance.

My interaction with my prospects in the past often makes me desire one or all of the following from them.

  1. They should speak their mind out without any camouflage.
  2. They should trust a salesperson should the latter deserve the same.
  3. They should allow the salesperson to craft a solution. The choice of accepting or rejecting the solution is with the customer only.
  4. They should try to win the salesperson to their side even if they do not want to do a transaction right now.
  5. They should meet salespersons and listen to their ideas and concepts.

Professionals who realise that salespersons bring more benefit to them end up learning and earning more from the system.

You can see an analogy in the Medical Doctors learning the latest concepts in medicines from young Medical Representatives who are simple graduates. In this both have to gain. There is nothing to lose at the cost of each other.

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