8 Great Qualities of Sales Management

All great salespersons are not great Sales Managers

All Great Sales Managers are also Great Sales persons

Any company which invests in its good salespersons to make them great sales managers are always blessed with more and more sales.

1. Ability to empower the sales team to maximize the no of sales calls everyday.

  1. More sales calls = More Sales
  2. More quality sales calls = More Sales Value


2. The Sales Management of a company should know how to deliver a Kiss every morning and a kick every evening to the sales team irrespective of how the team has performed for the day or for the penultimate day.

  1. The everyday kiss should not look predictable or it loses its importance
  2. The everyday kick should not look routine or it fails to attain its objective.


3.The ability of Sales Management to lead by example.

  1. Must spend some time on the field with the weakest salespersons.
  2. Should not be afraid to take personal targets and deliver results.
  3. Must establish proof of concept for all new initiatives before launching the same


4.Sales Management cannot delegate responsibility of performance.

  1. Delegate authority
  2. Follow process targets. Destination will follow.
  3. Believe in a process to get results.


5. Sales Management should work hard and party harder.

  1. Burnout syndrome should not happen in the sales growth team.
  2. The fire of success should not extinguish in the salespersons.
  3. Jealousy from others successes is a good input in a sales team. Reward positive impacts. Ignore negative and at par performances in parties.
  4. Cost of partying is not an expense. Treat this as an input cost.
  5. Partying is not about drinking or bitching.


6. Sales Management should have the ability to treat everyday as a fresh day.

  1. Morning meeting should be a huddle meeting to build teams and team spirit.


7. The Speed of Change management separates a Sales Management from a Great sales management.

  1. Accepting change with the speed of lighting
  2. Implementing change to react to market conditions
  3. Dynamic change management in place


8.Accept sales team failures and reward sales team for success.

  1. Accept all failures because sales management training calls all shots
  2. Reward every success to the sales team because they implemented your ideas and initiatives


Sanjay is the Chief Knowledge Resource of Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd, Nagpur. He has a hands on working experience of 33 years in Sales Management across industry verticals and geographies in the global market. He can be contacted on 9970506000 for any clarification on this blog. For more details log on to http://www.consult4sales.com

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