5 Parameters to judge Sales Performance

sales performance



It really is customary to check out sales output in conditions of no of systems sold or the worthiness of billing done or the quantity of money accumulated from the marketplace. Sales performance management is something beyond efficiency in sales.

What exactly are the parameters that needs to be used to keep an eye on Sales Performance?

1. The robustness of the sales funnel

  • Result in contact ratio
  • Contact to Opportunity ratio
  • Possibility to Proposal ratio
  • Proposal to Negotiation ratio
  • Negotiation to Shut down orders ratio
  • Sales training programs

2. The experience levels at the nourishing point of the sales funnel

  • BTL activity (Items of congregation brings about incremental leads in to the sales funnel management. E.g. exhibitions, workshops, knowledge discussion boards etc.)
  • Secondary resources of data collection for the mark Group (TG) identified. E.g. Internet, Sites, Opponents data etc.

3. The systematic procedure for customer romance management (CRM)

  • Lapsation
  • Stickiness
  • Container Migration
  • Average Container Size
  • Average Container Value
  • Recency, Frequency, VALUE
  • Cold calls training

  • 4. The Sales Dashboard

  • No of products sold
  • Value of products sold
  • Cost of acquisition of new customers
  • Cost of keeping old clients
  • Cost of making sure customer loyalty
  • Omnipresence quotient searching for the brand

    5. Beginning new market sections for home based business development

  • Identify new market segments
  • Carry out POC (Proof concept)
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Sales strategy


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