15 Insights into Sales Function


  1. Recruitment, Retention and Results from Sales persons is not possible without a structured process of Sales Management.
  2. The Sales Manager must be very clear about the Sales Metrics which needs to be Monitored, Maintained and Measured respectively, failing which it is often a wild goose chase.
  3. Salespersons across the world need a daily dose of Sales Management which includes a Kiss in the morning and a Kick in the evening every day.
  4. Sales teams which are unable to program their salespersons to talk Benefits in preference to Features are generally at best average performers.
  5. In Sales, salary is paid for productivity and incentive is given for performance.
  6. Rewards and Recognition is a conscious function of Sales Management.
  7. No one believes a salesperson till he is able to corroborate his statements with physical evidence.
  8. The only full proof way of increasing sales is by maximizing the number of new sales calls made every day by the sales team.
  9. Reference Selling must contribute 20% to the overall sales portfolio.
  10. Cross Selling must contribute 10% to the overall sales portfolio.
  11. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a necessity to convert a customer into a life time customer.
  12. 1% customer complaint represents 90% complaining customers who never reached you.
  13. Customer Service Recovery is not an expense but an investment to minimize Customer Attrition.
  14. Salespersons are great. They can be treated in the same league as Superman, Spiderman, and Batman.
  15. Sales is a religion! Do not practice it between 10am to 8pm only.

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