My 15 Beliefs in Sales

Beliefs are the foundation of your “attitude” which triggers “action” that yields into “Results”! It is therefore imperative to have a Belief system in Sales on the basis of which all your results are driven.

I pen down in this blog some of my beliefs in the function of “Sales”. They have almost become like Theorems in my mind and I have seen them working for me across the globe.

  1. Hit Ratio of 19:1 is the worst possible hit ratio even if I am dealing with a fresh salesperson. (Hit Ratio is the no of sales calls that one has to make to get one good enquiry)
  2. More calls = More Sales.
  3. More Quality Calls = More Profitable Sales.
  4. Customers with a vintage of 6 months and a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) > 1 , are duty bound to give a salesperson upto 3 good References, if the latter follows a structured process of Reference Selling.
  5. Reference Selling increases sales by 15%.
  6. Cross Selling is a by-product of selling and will always happen with complementary products if the latter is pitched at the time of sales closings. It increases sales by 5 – 8 %.
  7. Customers always try to save on their wallet size. Salespersons who understand “Gap Analysis” can always endeavour to Up-Sell and increase their sales volume by 10%.
  8. All customers in the world have only 4 objections to make during a sales call. viz a) No b) Price c) Credibility d) Discount.
  9. The best way to handle objections of a customer is to conduct a structured “From-To” Analysis.
  10. The customer on whom the salesperson has maximum hope to get an order from will always fail to give the order on some pretext or the other.
  11. Like Love, Sales happens!
  12. The number of times that a salesperson will meet the customer after sale, will decide the number of incremental orders that he will get from a given customer.
  13. The Recency, Frequency and Value (RCV) of all customers is sacrosanct before planning any marketing campaign.
  14. Celebrate every small success in Sales. The world will never understand this pleasure.
  15. Sales has to be taught to more and more people lest his science and art of selling will die.

If you also have some belief system in Sales by virtue of which you drive your sales, please pen down the same to me. Keep rocking in Sales!

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