मुझे मेरे सेल्समैन से बचाओ (Save me from Salesmen)

It is important to understand for all salespersons as to why their customers fear them and many a times treat them like a harmful bacteria. I tried going inside the minds of customers with a magnifying lens to see what exactly is written in their minds about salesmen and this is what I could find:

  1. Just give me the facts about your product and allow me to decide what is good and what is bad for me. You may like to reinforce my choice later.
  2. Tell me the truth without any salt and pepper from your side.
  3. Explain “Benefits” of using your product. Don’t confuse me with your product features.
  4. Don’t blow your hat. Talk with proof.
  5. Convince me that I am not the first one on whom you are testing your product or service.
  6. Show me a letter or testimonial from a customer who is similar to my profile.
  7. Convince me that you will remain as friendly after the sale as you are now.
  8. Show me that the price offered by you is fair. I should not look like a fool later.
  9. Don’t argue with me because I don’t like to be proved wrong.
  10. Make me feel like a “king”. Take interest in who I am and what I do.
  11. Listen to me whenever I talk even if all of it is “Bullshit”.
  12. Look sincere to me. I don’t like deceit and unfulfilled promises.
  13. Help me buy. Don’t you dare sell to me!
  14. Make me laugh. I like humour. It improves my mood to buy.
  15. Do not prove that any of my earlier buying decision was wrong.

If things are so clearly written inside customers mind, it will be prudent for all sales professionals to consider these points and behave accordingly with their customers. Relationships have to be crafted (formed) in sales!

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