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“Sales Ki Pathshala” is an initiative of Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd wherein, every Wednesday,
from 9 – 10 am Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) CEO’s are invited for a FREE seminar on various aspects of Sales Management. Prior registration is amust, even though it is free because of limited seats.

Register For Upcoming Programs in Sales Ki Pathshala

Sales Pipeline Management
Date: 25 April 2018
In sales we meet many people, some turn up as clients and some are left out as known strangers. Sales pipeline management is all about what to do with data which is left out and not turned into customer. If youa re keen to learn what to do with your left out data then join us for FREE Session.

When to Say NO in sales
Date: 18 April 2018
In most of the sales call, the salesperson is after pleasing the customer and in this course sometimes they get trap where they have to say NO but still they cant. This program will take up such live situations from the audience and discuss HOW TO SAY NO and when to say NO.

Sales Strategy for SME CEO's
Date: 11 April 2018
The SME CEO is the last point in the hierarchy and he does not have a sounding board to discuss his idea, this session will give a platform to understand the need for Sales Strategy, How to strategize and how to apply the same in system. A must program for all the CEO's.

Sales Planning for FY 18-19
Date: 4 April 2018
This program is specially for SME owners, the participants can get the outline for coming FY Sales planning since from recruitment, budgeting, incentives and target setting.

Telecalling Clinic
Date: 28 March 2018
Telecalling script session attended by SME's.We appreciate the spirit of these SME who invest thier time to learn and develop thier skill

Workshop on "Learn CRM to look ahead in Sales"
Date: 14 Feb 2018
All business and people who are working towards Customer Service and Relationship Management are invited for this program.

Effective Marcom drives and enables Sales
Faculty: Mr. Bhavik Mehta, Founder, Thinking Birds, Nagpur
Date: 21 March 2018
What are the five pillars of Marketing Communications and how to use them for effective sales? How to get an optimized mix of different marketing strategies will be covered in this session.

Sales Ki Pathshala - Digital Sales
Faculty: Mr.Prafulla Baid (MD,Astral Informatics Pvt. Ltd)
Date: 14 March 2018
Mr.Baid will be talking about the learning points from 4 big e-commerce and digital world rulers - Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. It's projected that in coming days only these four players will rule the digital world. Let's explore what can we learn from them.

Sales Ki Pathshala for SME's - Incentive Programs
Date: 17 March 2018
Session on sales incentive attended by many Sales drivers of different organisation. This is a session for SME's to learn how and when to incentivize their team.

10 Quick Steps for Better Customer Experience
Date: 28 Feb 2018
Better Customer Experience will translate to better word of mouth which in turn will lead to incremental good leads in your system to close as sales.The session is totally free for SME owners and service driven organisations.

Sales Metrics understanding for SME's
Date: 21 Feb 2018
Free Session for Business Leaders, CEO's, SME owners on understanding Sales Metrics for their Industry. Training delivery by Coach Sanjay Singh, Guest faculty IIM-C and renowned Sales Consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Sales Ki Pathshala

  • Why is SCIPL Conducting this program free of charge and how long will it do so?
    This program is conducted free of cost so that willing CEO’s can understand the function of Sales in its right perspective. The program is intended to be free forever.
  • Who is eligible to participate in this program?
    CEO of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)
  • Can a company depute its senior employees for this program?
    Yes, if there is a written request to this effect from the CEO of a company with a minimum turnover of Rs 50 crores and above.
  • What kind of topics will be covered in this Pathshala?
    Lead Generation, Sales Process, Sales Negotiation, Sales and Service, Customer Service, Customer experience, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service Recovery, Moments of Truth, Sales Metrics, Sales Negotiations, Sales Ecosystem, Sales Training, Sales Incentives and similar topics.
  • Can a SME CEO attend this program more than once?
    There is no limit to the number of programs that you can attend free of cost, as long as you have a valid prior registration.
  • What are the other facilities provided under this initiative?
    Every person who attends this program has the privilege of a free meeting of one hour with our senior consultants and discuss their challenges.

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