Prospect teach you about your business

  • Business persons area clearly of two types.
  • One class feels that they know a lot about their business. This class die as average business persons.
  • Second class is always hungry for more knowledge about their business from others. This tribe flourish an entrepreneurs.

Let me move ahead by assuming that this blog of mine is being read only be entrepreneurs who belong to the “Flourishing” category.

It is important to meet new prospects for your business EVERYDAY because every time you meet a prospect who could perhaps use your product or service, they teach you something new about your business. They end up asking questions like

  • Can your product be used for _______ ? (Brand extension, New Product Dev. ideas)
  • Why should I use your product when I can do the same by ________ ? (Revalidate USP)
  • Your price is high. I have seen something similar at half the price. ( Competitors info.)
  • Your warranty terms are poor. ( Service Expectation Matrix)

The important question here is that how do we map all this feedback from the field into a central system that teaches us what our customers want to communicate to us?

How do you really listen to the voice of the customer?

Does this feedback from the customer help you in taking Sales Strategy Decisions?

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