How much to educate customers?

Customers have a faint idea about the features , advantages and benefits of your product before you actually start explaining the same to them. You start explaining your product with great elan and very soon you realise that this customer who was hitherto not very knowledgeable about your product starts finding faults in your explanations , product and offerings. Now this is funny, isn’t it?
Customers feel this as their birthright to find faults in your product before they decide to purchase.
It is therefore very important that you do not download information on your product or offering to the customer according to your knowledge about the same. Instead, gauge the customers knowledge on the subject matter and introduce only as much as is required to satiate the questions of the customer.

Let me give some examples as follows:

Product Customers Question Your answers

  • Laptop What can this do for me? What are your expectations?
  • Mobile What are the special features? What will interest you?
  • Automotive What is the mileage of this car? 20% cheaper than similar cars

Stop educating customers. Instead find out their queries and give solutions to them through your product or services.