We list below some of the most common questions asked to us by our esteemed clients when we meet them for the first time.

Role and Responsibility

What role do you play while servicing the client?

Our role depends on the specific nature of the assignment that we are servicing for a client. Nevertheless, our role could largely be expressed as a Knowledge Partner in the field of Sales Management for the client. We use our expertise in the subject matter of sales management to leverage the same into a business growth for the client. This could translate into an incremental quantity or quality of sales, as the case may be.

What responsibility can we expect you to fulfill?

We are responsible towards total confidentiality of client’s data and information. In the process of implementing change management for our client we are responsible towards not interfering with the HR policy of the organization, unless the latter hinders sales productivity or performance.

What role do you want your client to play?

The client should be transparent and clear about the deliverables that they want from this association with us. All milestones should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. The  client should not leave any ambiguity in their expectation matrix  with us nor are they expected to leave any grey area. It is best advised that all interactions are sealed vide a written document.

What is the responsibility of the client?

The client should honor all appointments in terms of time and duration of meetings. It is also the responsibility of client to honor all payment commitments on time.


Nature and Scope of Work

What is the nature of work undertaken by SCIPL?

The classification of the nature of our work can broadly be done as Advisory, Survey,Audit, Ideation, Learning and Development and Business Strategy.

The scope of work is limited to Central India. With our registered office in Nagpur, we are very comfortable to operate in a radius of 500 kms. around Nagpur.

Is it possible to outsource the Sales Dept of our company to you?

We have a service called, Sales Incubation. You can outsource your sales dept to us for a defined period wherein we incubate the introduction stage of a new product launch. Once the growth stage is reached, we hand over the sales dept back to the client.

What are the industry verticals that your team is comfortable with?

We are very comfortable with FMCG, Telecom, Finance, Modern Retail Trade, Distribution Model, Insurance and manufacturing verticals.

We are in the process of developing competency in rural marketing.

What forms of selling do you cater to?

Channels of Distribution, Modern Retail Trade, Direct Selling, Key Account Management and Industrial Selling.

Do you advise clients on “trade schemes and offers”?

Yes, we do. In fact this is a core area where we have delivered superior results for our clients in the past.

Do you assist clients in recruitment of sales team and their training?

Yes. We believe that unless the team is good, we cannot get the desired results.

What, according to your experience, is the most often problem noticed amongst your clients?

We find that the function of Sales Management is taken for granted in most enterprises. The function of Sales Management is generally not defined well leaving lot of grey areas in its implementation.

Professional Fees

What are your charges?

We charge professional fees which are normally based on the number of man hours that we need to invest for your assignment. Internally, we have 4 grades of manpower. Their fees range from Rs 400/- to Rs 2500/hour.

Why do you insist on a 100% advance from your clients? Don’t you trust them?

We insist on a 100% advance to insist the total commitment of the client towards the work. To mitigate the risk of the client , we have 100% refund of money taken in case of a dissatisfied customer.

Why do you avoid taking fees in cash?

It is more expensive for us to handle cash. Hence we prefer payment by cheques or credit card.

Why don’t you entertain any discussion on discounts or offers?

We believing in sincerely quoting our prices and pay all the taxes and duties payable to government. This leaves us with no scope of offering further discounts.

You call your services affordable whereas we feel that your fees tariff is too high. How do you explain this?

We always ensure that we deliver value to our clients which far exceeds the fees charged. In a situation , the client is dissatisfied we give 100% refund to the client with a “No Conditions Apply”.  With this policy, the customer is always in a Win-Win situation.

How do you compare your fees with the other consultants in the market?

The quantum of our fees is at least three times to that of the so called competition. The quality that it renders to the client in terms of output is definitely superior.

A dissatisfied customer always enjoys the right with us for a full 100% refund.