Express 2 Excite Prospects

Which of the following applies to you as a salesperson when you EXPRESS facts and figures to your customers:

  1. Do you express to impress?
  2. Do you express to explain yourself better?
  3. Do you express to elucidate your point?
  4. Do you express to excite?
  5. Do you just express without any game plan in mind?

These are different style followed by different salespersons. I strongly recommend that a good salesperson should “Express2Excite” a prospect.


Unless the person is excited to talk to you, the latter will not extend a listening ear to you.,

Without a listening ear of the customer, you will never excel in your sales efforts.

In a nutshell, Sales is not about outsmarting the prospect into listening to you. It is all about methodically

  1. Methodically exciting the customer
  2. Inducing the customer to extend a listening ear to you
  3. Excel in Sales