Once a sale transaction happens and a new customer is inducted into the fold of customers, the journey of customer management begins. Hence we call it the beginning of the end.

After “Sales” starts “Customer Service”.

  • Set MOT and manage the same
  • Set internal Turn Around Time (TAT) for each service and uphold the same
  • Have a PQ level of 1. (PQ = Promise Quotient)
  • Understand how to handle irate customers
  • Practice Customer Service Recovery with right set of tools

Customer Service leads to “Customer Satisfaction” with good “Customer Support”

Customer Satisfaction will only happen once we know how to effectively handle

  • Questions of customers
  • Concerns of customers
  • Comments of customers

Tool kits for each of the above mentioned things will lead to customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction leads to “market reviews” which speak through “Customer Testimonials”

Customer Testimonials have value only when they are given in writing by your customers. Make an honest effort to get these written letters from clients. They are as important as getting your payment from the customers.

A satisfied customer looks for an enriched “customer experience”

Once we are able to flaunt the type of customer experience that we provide, we start looking for a structured way in managing relationships towards making it a competitive advantage.

The life time journey with a customer actually starts with the sale.


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