All of us in this world are salespersons. The sooner we realise this , the better off we are able to deliver our customer centricity to our organisation. All functions of management owe their responsibility towards customer centricity. The Sales 4 way test, will help all of us to conduct a self assessment on whatever we do in our own respective functions of management, are we customer centric or not?

The Sales 4 way Test

  1. Is it ethical ?
  2. Is it going to positively impact the customer in measurable terms ?
  3. Is it in consonance of our past customer feedback on similar subject ?
  4. Can we continue to do this every time for the customer?

All of us can apply this 4 way test to our work and if the self assessment gives a positive answer to each one of these questions, we can say all of us in an organisation have passed the Sales 4 way test.

If most of the work done by your people fail to pass this test purely on its own merit, such a system is non customer centric.

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