Romance starts only after one has crossed stages of Acquaintance (Contact), Friendship (Lead), Proposal, Discussion (Negotiation) and Love (Order) in that sequence.

Why is Romance so important?

Love is never permanent unless garnished with doses of romance in the right proportion in intervals, which ensures that nothing is taken for granted.

We are all human beings and hence do not understand the finite concept of love. This quantum of love therefore becomes more engaging when the same is tossed with romance.

Let us look at an existing customer whom you met through proper prospecting process and then engaged the customer for sales call followed by demonstration and installation of your product at customers site. After some time you get a call from this customer stating that you have totally forgotten him after selling the product. On enquiry, if the product had some issues, the customer says No! One might wonder than what exactly is the need for the customer to meet him?

Well, the customer purchased the product from you because he liked your human offering and not just your offering. After the sale, you are trying to remove the human element from your offering and this is not acceptable to the customer. You got to romance with the customer, man!

No Romance leads to No Repeat Orders

I have seen beautiful girls in love with very ordinary (apparently) boys and this makes me wonder, Why? For sure, the girls look for a package of physique, mental health, financial wealth and family background as well. Love grows into a romance as slowly the couple engage each other more (Beyond their first order) and know each other as a package rather than just one individual at a point of time.

Romance with customers in an engagement tool, which helps, you understand the customer beyond just a user of your product and thereby open vistas of more orders(love) and camaraderie (Customer Relationship Management)

Romancing with Customer is good for all

It is a Win-Win situation for both when one decides to romance even beyond love. Romance is the practice of an abstract concept of Love.

When you practice the idea of romancing with your customer, the idea is to understand the user of your product even beyond the customers needs to use your product. When you do so, you get answers to questions like

  • Even though the need exists, does the customer really use the product


  • Is the customer putting your product to its full use or is he underusing the

benefits of your product?

  • Is there any way that the customer is outgrowing the usage of the product

and needs something else to fulfill the same purpose?

  • Does the customer need anything else to complement the use of the

Product that you sold to him?

  • Who are his friends and relatives who have seen your customer using the product and expressed happiness about the same?

The answer to all these questions, as part of your romance with the customer only leads to more sales for you.

Romancing with Customers is a Need

Every customer has a life time value (LTV). Effectively romancing with the customer helps the sales professional leverage on the LTV of a customer.

Never leave a customer with one transaction alone. Enjoy his LTV. Romance with the customers in all earnestness. You are blessed to romance with so many of them without anyone raising any finger on you, and rightly so!

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