Customer Loyalty is an induced trait. What do you give to customers in order to get their loyalty in return?

  1. Customer Experience
  2. Customer Satisfaction

I am sure all of us try our best to do this but most of us fail.

Why do we fail in giving an exhilarating Customer Experience?

We cater to various market segments. Each segment has its own Experience Expectation. We surely cannot cater to multiple expectations and hence fail to address this issue of Customer Experience. It is therefore imperative to arrive at the most desired customer profile in terms of Demographics, Psychographics (Lifestyle, Belief, Attitude), Firmographics and Income graphics. Once you have an optimised view of your most desirable customer profile your strategy in Customer Experience Management can never fail.

Why don’t we score high on Customer Satisfaction Index?

Market Research has shown that the inability of a seller to track the dynamic value of ever changing customer expectations and the management of these expectations is what makes this game of Managing Customer Satisfaction so interesting. To be able to answer this question successfully we need to ask the question: How do we track customer expectations on a day to day basis and how do we analyze the same to arrive at one set of expectation trend?

Be Loyal. Get Loyalty!








7 ways to Make Customers Loyal

  1. Exceed Customers Expectation
    1. Do it better than your competitors
  2. Stay connected with your customers
    1. Without irritating them in any way
  3. Monitor Customer Service Initiatives
    1. Only some work
  4. Handle complaints with honesty and alacrity
  5. Do not make false promises to customers
    1. High Promise Quotient level
  6. Product knowledge is vital
  7. Sale 1 is complete only when Sale 2 starts. Track the customer till Sale 2.








10 ways to reward loyal customers

  • Offer Cumulative Discounts on selected lines for limited period
    • 10% off on Mens wear for billing beyond Rs 10000/- on a single day
  • Loyalty Card Scheme
  • Free item with multiple purchases
  • Team up with associated business for reciprocal discounts
  • Invite for product trial
  • Hold a preview evening
    • Top customers get to experience new stocks first and foremost
  • Take the customer for a day out
  • Preferential Service Terms for select customers
  • Give additional products at cost
    • All billing above Rs 1 lakh will attract a flat discount of 25%.
  • Reward references and referrals










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