The irrational behaviour of customers are best handled by understanding the rationale behind them.

Let us quickly look at what all does a salesperson call irrational as far as customer buying behaviour is concerned? (My one liner solutions are mentioned with each apparent irrational behaviour of customers)

1. Customer is not able to see value in the product or service which the salesperson is trying to sell.

( Sell Benefits, Not Features or Advantage. Prepare FAB chart for the salesperson)

2. Customer finds the price offered by salesperson as unreasonable.

( Always offer your Price as a “Range” till such time the customer demand becomes a “Point”

3. Customer agrees to everything but does not show the urgency to purchase.

(Help the customer answer the question – What is in it for me?”)

4. Customer is fully convinced about the product and its usage but wants to consult someone not known to the salesperson before making the purchase.

( Always give demonstrations when all units of customer is present – Consumer, Customer, Influencer, Consultant, Financier)

5. Customer wants to eat the cake and have it too.

( Create topping on the cake so that customer eats the topping without spoiling the cake that you want to offer)

6. Customer does not have the money to buy but has a strong desire to buy.

(De-sell what the customer cannot afford so that he buys what he can afford)

7. Customer is not happy with the discount being offered by the salesperson and wants more.

(Discount is given to say “Thank you” to customer after order is principally closed)

8. Customer gives a lot of references to the salesperson but does not buy for himself.

( Never entertain references till you have closed the referee)

9. Customer does not give an appointment to the salesperson.

(Try to take appointment for a time that suits the customer and not the salesperson)

10. Customer has a strong competency to look at negative aspect of everything.

(Always focus on that side of the bread which the customer butters before eating)

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