Wife , Girlfriend and Customers are never satisfied. They love you so much that they always expect something better and new from you. While they do appreciate your last service, they immediately compare your next service with something else new that they see in the market and always wish that you should be the best!

It is important for Customer Service Professional not to feel frustrated on this syndrome.

What should one do to ensure Customer Satisfaction? Or

Should we go for Customer Contention first. Customer Satisfaction will follow.

Customer Contention sounds like a more practical concept to me. Contention is for the moment and satisfaction is the sum total of contentions over a period of time.

Customer Satisfaction = Sum( Contention 1 + Contention 2+ ……. + Contention “n”)

In a nut shell , Customer contention is a journey which culminates into customer satisfaction. We are all looking for a life time value from a customer and hence would not like the journey of contention to end. Whenever it does end, if it has to, let the customer decide whether they were satisfied or not!

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