An organisation which is not very “Customer Centric often feels that “Handling Customer Complaints” is the job of Customer Service Dept. This is not true at all.

Why should we treat customer complaints as a gift?

  1. A customer who comes to complaint represents at least 20 more customers who could not find time to come and complaint. By resolving the complaint properly, you are actually going to placate 20 more invisible customers.
  2. Retaining an old customer costs you only 10% of the cost of acquiring a new customer.
  3. The customer intimates to you a malfunction in your product or service so that you can arrest the problem before it becomes insurmountable.
  4. By handling customer complaints with the right spirit, you are ensuring a good “Word of mouth” publicity for yourself. You do want your customers to say to your future prospects that “This is a company that cares even after selling”.
  5. Each customer complaint gives you an idea
  • on the improvements that your product or service may need
  • on new additions to the basket of services that you are already offering to the market
  • how your customers rate you vis a vis competition
  • which department in your organisation is not customer centric
  • on how to further improve your marketing communications

We surely do not suggest that every customer complaint is genuine and that we need to accept the grievances of every customer. Nevertheless, it is important that

We listen to the voice of our customers.

We follow the 5S ( Suno, Samjho, Samjhao, Sujhao, Samadhan) Circle to resolve customer complaints.

Each customer complaint should end up with this statement from the customers: “They care!”

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