Co-Create by Observing Customers in MRT

Co-creating new value systems in your business is the new mantra. For doing this you got to observe your customers very well. This blog is written from a perspective of Modern Retail Trade Large Format.

You can “Create” the best value system but the same is not appreciated well unless the same is “Co-created” with your customers.

What are the things that you can observe in a large format retail outlet vis-a-vis a customer?

  1. What is the first behavioural pattern of all footfalls the moment they enter the showroom?
  • They turn left / right / are clueless after entering the store
  • Which counter in the retail outlet do they preferentially move towards?
  • What percentage of footfall ask a question the moment they enter the showroom?

2. When dealing with a salesperson on a particular counter,

  • footfall is very clear about what they want?
  • footfall is always interested in what salesperson does not show in his demo?
  • footfall comes in groups of what no?
  • footfall likes which category of products?
  • what are the hindrances in the purchase process of a customer?

3. Once the customer leaves a counter in a retail showroom,

  • How many of them want to visit another counter?
  • How many of them are made to visit another counter by the salesperson?

4. Is the customer interested in taking a walk around the showroom?

5. What kind of discussion do customers do inside the toilet?

6. At the billing counter,

  • What are the questions which a customer normally asks?
  • What is the average billing time for a customer?
  • What is the value of last minute pick up sale that the customer does at the POS point?

7. While conducting an exit poll with the customer after they have finished billing,

  • What are the suggestions which the customer makes?
  • What are the complaints made by the customer?
  • What is the Average Waiting Time of the customer?

8. In despatch section,

  • Average waiting time of a customer
  • No of deliveries which complies to internal TAT(Turn Around Time) and no of deliveries which are non compliant to TAT
  • No of deliveries done right in the first time. ( No repeat alterations)

I am sure that if you are into Modern Retail Trade(MRT), you will be able to continue with this list and make the same customised to your business. This blog is just to give you an indicative direction to route your thinking process.

If you hit any roadblock in this thinking process, dial 9970506000 for help or log on to

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