All customers have 4 basic expectations from a brand:







1. Need to be heard

All customers feel that they should be heard by the brand owner, irrespective of the fact whether the brand owner will act on the same or not.

2. Need to be understood

Customers feel good when their perspective is understood by the brand owner.

3. Need to matter

If the marketer implements any feedback from the customer, the latter feels happy to realise that his views matter to the marketer. It is therefore a good idea to send a Thank you SMS or email or letter to all such customers who send their suggestions to the marketer, irrespective of the fact whether one implements them or not.

4. Need to be emancipated

This is the highest level of customer expectation wherein he now wants to become a member of the think tank of the brand and feels great to be consulted on any brand issue.

It is now important for everyone to ask themselves whether their business plans taken into consideration these 4 needs of a customer.

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