Customer Complaint is a gift

When every you receive one complaint from a customer , you must understand that only 5% customers find time and energy to reach you. The other 95% complaining customers do not even come to you. It is therefore of paramount importance to deal with each and every customer complaint with utmost seriousness.

The attitude to deal with a customer complaint is to treat each and every customer complaint as a gift from the customer wherein he does not charge any money to educate you about some obvious flaw in your process or system or product or service. There are times when the customer complaint is not genuine. It does not matter. This only means that our product or service has conveyed the wrong perception to the customer and should again be a matter of concern for us internally.

Customer loyalty, Customer Attrition, Customer Retention and Customer Relationship Management are topics which have become very important in today’s fierce market competition where there is hardly any difference between product and service of competing brands.