Sell with an Attitude

You do not become a professional unless you carry the attitude of the given profession. One does not become a good model only by being beautiful. Similarly one does not become a great cricketer just be virtue of cricketing skills.The attitude differentiates a salesperson from a begging salesperson! Sell with an attitude. Do not beg.…


Prospect Everyday in Sales

It is cool to be in Sales and practice the function of “Prospecting” everyday.
What are the advantages of Prospecting everyday?

Even God cannot stop the success of a Salesperson who Prospects everyday.

The smartest salesperson with the best product knowledge cannot be successful in sales if he does not prospect everyday.

Salesman dosn’t know the Answer

Salespersons are not expected to know the right answers before they go for the sales call. I have found a lot of salesperson nervous before making the sales call. When encountered , they said that they are nervous because they do not have enough product knowledge to be able to answer all the questions that…


A Salespersons Desire

I represent the community of salespersons on earth who has always practiced its profession with utmost sincerity of purpose and zeal of performance. My interaction with my prospects in the past often makes me desire one or all of the following from them. Professionals who realise that salespersons bring more benefit to them end up…


Opening a Sales Depot

In Channel of Distribution, one often encounters a situation where one opens a depot in a location which was getting difficult to service from base depot. The following things must be kept in mind while opening a depot from sales point of view: Whenever you think about opening a depot for your company in a…


Salespersons Serve with a Smile

The salesperson is expected to serve with a smile despite the number of rejections that they encounter during the course of their work. One has to fake a smile or it is seemingly impossible unless they educate themselves on the reason(s) for the smile. Let me share why I smile whenever I encounter a rejection…


Sales Negotiation X-Change Kit

Sales Negotiations can become very frustrating when the customer starts demanding his pound of flesh from a salesperson who has already given whatever he had to offer. This naked salesperson can only plead for mercy or beg for the order in a hopeless situation. It is important to note here that the salesperson need not…