Customer is never foolish.

A customer may be uneducated, uncouth or uninformed about your product or service. In the last 30 years of my sales career , I have never come across a single customer who was foolish.(A foolish person always seeks the advise of another person who is considered as less foolish than the former.) If they are…


Cold Calls makes your career Hot.

Salespersons often find the job of prospecting (looking for new customers without any reference or appointment) very boring and daunting. If you belong to this category , one of the following will apply to you: Do you always react to a Sales Enquiry? Do you work like a courier boy, always posting letters for your…


How much to educate customers?

Customers have a faint idea about the features , advantages and benefits of your product before you actually start explaining the same to them. You start explaining your product with great elan and very soon you realise that this customer who was hitherto not very knowledgeable about your product starts finding faults in your explanations…


Who is your Customer?

The naive answer to this question could be “anyone willing to buy my product or service is my customer” or “anyone who has a need which can be fulfilled by my product or service is my customer”. I would not like to enter into a debate by saying that these answers are wrong. Nevertheless these…


Sale is complete with Payment

Many sales persons, especially in Industrial Selling where the sales cycles are long, tend to believe that once order is received the job of Sales Dept is over. Subsequently if payment is delayed they try to blame the service departments for the same. You may be lucky to be working in an organisation which gives…


Sell On Your Own Terms

We are cruising in to a new year and it is good time to ask ourselves Do we Sell as Sales Professionals ? Do we sell like Sales Clerks? When you bag an order at the buyers terms and conditions you have just dug a grave for yourself. By the time you fulfill customers terms…


Do you Reject Customers?

In Direct Selling, you have 3 options once you encounter a customer SELECT, REJECT, COLLABORATE While all of us would love to select every prospect that we encounter, it is unreasonable to think that such a thing can happen. It is important for us to understand that I would advise that a smart salesperson does…


Code of Conduct – Sales Dept

This is a golden opportunity. Let us use the new year to infuse a code of conduct for our Sales Dept.

A written code of conduct which is monitored at individual level for all members of Sales Dept has yielded great results in promoting the right “Karmas of Sales” in the team,