5 Steps to build a Hungry Sales Team

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To build a hungry sales team, it is very important to first have the right ecosystem for a sales team.


A. Build the right sales ecosystem for hungry salespersons to thrive

  1. Prospects should trust you and your company

The past experience of customers with your product or company should have a positive word of mouth in the market.

  1. Your company should have a positive culture

The culture of your organization decides how your prospects look at you. Are you seen as a company which supports “the survival of the fittest” or “ supports the “chalta hai” attitude” or “ a company where mistakes are not tolerated”. What is the sales culture in your organization?

  1. Your product and company should be visible in the market 

Visibility of product in the market is very important for hungry salespersons to thrive. As the saying goes “Jo Dikhta hai, wo bikta hai…”.

  1. The supply chain mechanism should be robust.

The gap between order closing and order delivery with installation should not be high otherwise the salespersons have to face the music of poor customer service and therefore very poor reference selling leads.

  1. Strong element of customer centricity should be there in your organisation. 

Every person associated with the company must have a strong, non negotiable inclination towards customers and their problem-solving.

B. Self Assessment on traits of a hungry salesperson

  1. They meet new prospects every day.
  2. They have huge repository of data on the basic product being sold.
  3. They have multiple touch point to generate leads.
  4. They have a strong belief on the fact that “jo Dikhta hai, who bikta hai!”
  5. The Sales Belief system of hungry salesperson is very different. The 5 salient features of the same are as follows: 
    1. The more number of prospects that you meet, the more are the chances of creating a customer.
    2. Sales is not about getting rejected but following a structured process to reject the wrong samples that you meet so that you can reach the right customer faster.
    3. Discount is not a tool to close an order but a tool to say thank you to the customer once the order is principally closed.
    4. Never start negotiation with a customer unless it has been proved that you are the buyer’s top choice.
    5. Sales and Service are two semi-circles that form the circle of business.

C. The “to do list” of a hungry salesperson

  1. While one is servicing market segments opened till now, a hungry salesperson will always endeavor to open a new market segment periodically. The periodicity will depend on the nature of the product or service sold and the life cycle of a customer.
  2. A hungry salesperson never abandons a lead but roll it back into a CRM System and meaningfully engage the same till such time the lead becomes a sale.
  3. A hungry salesperson treats it as his privilege as well as a duty to train more and more salespersons about the science of selling that he has learnt over the years.
  4. Self-assessment and setting a self target every time you beat your own target is a hallmark of a hungry salesperson.
  5. A hungry salesperson measures every aspect of their sales journey through meaningful sales metrics, which is fed, into a CRM System to draw relevant decision-making parameters.

D. Caveats for a hungry salesperson

  1. Avoid burnout syndrome
    1. Eat your food on time
    2. Give quality time to your body and mind
    3. Party whenever possible
    4. Meet new people whenever you have a chance
    5. You will sell only if you live
  1. Give back to the profession of sales
    1. Train more salespersons.
    2. Give reference leads to other salespersons with no conflict of interest with you.
    3. Always help a salesperson in trouble.
  1. Never sell at the cost of service
    1. Whenever you are forced to choose between a customer acquisition and customer loyalty, it is the latter that should be given priority.
    2. Give service calls its due importance in your daily schedules.
    3. Service is an attitude and not a department.
    4. Customer Experience is the only differentiator that brings a positive word of mouth.
    5. Sales through service is as strong a portfolio as direct sales. The former portfolio is cheaper to acquire and hence much more profitable.

E. Monitoring hungry sales teams

  1. Release all compensation in the form of salary, incentives and commissions on time.
  2. Rewards and Recognitions must be there for every small achievement.
  3. Awards and Accolades motivate a hungry sales team more than money.
  4. Give weekly targets and monitor them once in a week only.
  5. Create as many Intra team and Inter team contests as possible. Targets drive hunger in a sales team.
  6. Learning and Development is a daily dose for hungry sales team. They need to be continuously trained to ensure that they follow a preset structured path or else each one of them follow their own way.
  7. Feed the hunger of sales team by generating a lot of leads from back end or by creating networking opportunities in the form of BTL events, Exhibitions, Roadshows, Expositions or even a coffee table meeting!
  8. Decentralize decision making as much as possible by giving clear instructions on pricing, discounts, perks and privileges of customer so that they need not come back to management for every small decision making.
  9. Create a system for ranking the sales team on an everyday basis so that they are able to fuel themselves for the turbocharging required.
  10. Top management should be available for hungry sales team whenever required to ensure that the moment of inertia of motion of hungry sales teams do not convert into moment of inertia of rest.

In a nutshell

As a conclusion, it can only be said that hunger in a sales team is created by good sales management by first increasing their appetite. Having done this, the appetite has to be fed by an opening balance of leads so that the same goads the hunger to drive more, acquire more and close more business.

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