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Lead Generation

Contacts become hot, warm or cold leads in due course of time. These leads further develop into a MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and finally into a SQL(Sales Qualified Lead) before they mature into a live customer.

Sales Negotiation and Closing

Good ratio of leads converting into a final closed order is important. Even more important is the rate at which the closing has happened. This must follow the 7 Laws of Sales Negotiations.

Sales Funnel Management

The leads generated in Sales must gradually travel down the funnel into an opportunity, proposal, negotiation and finally an order. This movement down the funnel must be robust, regular and ratio compliant.

Sales Metrics and MIS

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.
Sales must be measured across its journey to its predetermined destination. The sensitive nature of sales metrics must be collated into a crafted MIS so that all this helps in decision-making.

Customer Satisfaction starts at 100%.

Our clients must grow even when we are not there.

All growth must be sustainable, profitable and long term.

Our sales karmas are based on

The Religion of Sales!

-Sanjay Singh
(Founder & CEO)