12 Commandments of Sales Negotiations

  1. Negotiation is not a sport where one wins and the other loses.
  2. I dont mind losing something which is negotiable.
  3. I will never lose something which is non negotiable.
  4. I challenge someones opinion by finding a common ground and not by debating viewpoints
  5. I understand the concept of BATNA. Buyers BATNA and Sellers BATNA.
  6. I have started believing in a Negotiation X-change Kit now and never say NO to anything.
  7. I dont know the right answers. I only know that I can make an honest attempt to answer all questions raised.
  8. Customers do not buy price. They buy a solution that can mitigate their risk.
  9. “No” is an acceptable answer, though not desirable, in a negotiation.
  10. I will always celebrate negotiation results with my negotiating partners, irrespective of results.
  11. Failed negotiation teaches us how to improve negotiation skills.
  12. There is nothing in this world which cannot be negotiated. Nothing is final till it is final.